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Many people take guidance from standard texts and ace the examination without coaching .

)These perceptions about easy scoring , high scoring etc can change any year for instance the 2013 paper had certain bouncer questions .

In the end your optional needs to be mastered by you if you want to tide over these bouncers and be in the top bracket in your optional.

Newspapers : The Hindu , Indian Express Online : Google topics like IPCC , global warming , sustainable development etc .

Magazines : Kurukshetra ( Agri issues ) , Geography and You , Terra Green , The Hindu Environment Survey For instance a topic like food security .

Honestly this 70% formed the core of my geography preparation .

After the NCERTS and GC Leong , I went through her notes repeatedly and had them committed to memory .

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Apart from issues of lack of access to food and water , how climate change is affecting productivity of crops , how shift of cropping patterns away from pulses is affecting nutrition security , how poor and tribals are disproportionately affected in various parts of our country ( draw a map ) and solutions like biofortication , social forestry etc can be looked into .

In case of falling Child Sex Ratio apart from numbers and maps it may be linked to how regional development has led to falling numbers in Maharashtra ,, even Kerala whereas tribal regions show an uptick.

About 80% all notes are repetition of each other and you will waste a lot of time .