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Kid sister dating a trak

"But one of the things I really loved about those days, and the four of us working together back then, was that all four of us had extremely different sensibilities, and we kind of all fought for our space and our voice.

It's all nice, but what I really love is a little turned-up-nose, pouty-lips shyness, you know?

A classic about girls, or guys would sing all hard and gruff, like, "I love you! " And I was like, "Come on, guys — we need to be romantic and macho and calm, and look at women in the classic sense, and sing about love from a romantic angle." You know, celebrate it, and not be afraid of it, and don't scream — girls don't want you to scream at them []!

" and the dog-bark-assisted "Been Caught Stealing," both of which reached Number One on the Modern Rock charts — as well as such enduring epics as "Then She Did…" and "Three Days." Produced by Dave Jerden, who had also helmed the band's 1988 studio debut, "I had saved the best songs that we had written for our second [studio] album," Farrell explains, "because I didn't want people to think that this was a 'sophomore slump.' Songs like ' Three Days' and ' Then She Did…' — these are very sophisticated songs, you know?