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Kristin davis dating

She got her big break in the TV show nighttime drama Melrose Place.

Fans of Kristin still recognize her as The Sex and the City’s Charlotte.

She has done appearances in other television shows as well which include Will and Grace, Bad Teacher, and Sex and the Matrix.

She used to drink too much when she was young and free. Kristin Davis will be joining us for the Enormous Elephant Run: Freestyle on Saturday, November 19th at 9am!!

She got the prestigious Emmy Award nomination for her role in Sex and the City television series.

Moving on to her personal life, Kristin was born February 4, 1965, in Colorado, U. She was raised in Colorado by her stepfather and her mother.

Her father and her mother got divorced when Kristin was still a baby.

She played the role of the naïve and fiercely optimistic character of Charlotte York.