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Sie wird vertreten durch den Landesbischof Heinrich Bedford-Strohm.

Despite this, she is extremely loyal to her friends, and has developed a very close relationship with the Grimes family.

Michonne tends to work alone and quietly, but still fights for the survivors' defense as strongly as the other active defenders.

Despite her experiences, Michonne has proved her worth to the group, not only in her practical skills with her katana, but also in her constant participation in moving the survivors forward and keeping the group safe.

She is the only survivor who arrived post-prison and pre-Woodbury. Douglas Monroe appointed her constable along with Rick Grimes shortly after their arrival at the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

Michonne was one of four children, having had a brother and two sisters.

She practiced fencing when she was a child, and briefly picked the hobby up again when she was in college to study law.

She is frequently referred to and perceived by the other characters as one of the strongest members of the survivors, and frequently participates in the violent, but necessary, actions of the group, such as the conflict against the Governor and his henchmen.