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Law and order svu 14x16 online dating

"Her relationship with Tucker complicates things enormously for her." The episode centers on a group of girls being trafficked largely from a Catholic school in the Bronx who are being worked at a party where everyone in attendance is either a judge, a cop, a district attorney, an assemblyman or a councilman.

First introduced on the show in 2002, Tucker was frequently seen as a thorn in SVU's side.

"She's always like, ' Wouldn't it be great if [Benson] could actually be in a relationship? "I think she felt that they had pretty good chemistry too." However, their coupling is about to hit a rough patch – and not just by the social media-friendly fan base.

In Wednesday's episode, the first of what Leight calls an "intense" two-parter, their relationship will be "tested severely," he says.

"Bad Rap" didn't focus much on this aspect of the storyline, though the adult witness to the crime expressed some of the attitudes that contribute to this problem.