Start Leo woman dating older leo man

Leo woman dating older leo man

The Leo woman, with her good looks, royal lifestyle and outgoing nature, attracts a lot of attention; which does not go down well with her Scorpio man.

He is the guy who is always in control of the room.

He is a respectable individual who loves to be in the spotlight.

This does not mean that she tends to stray, but the over demanding nature of the Scorpio man causes strain and fights between the two.

According to Leo and Scorpio compatibility, these two can be intense partners in a love relationship, but cannot be good friends or equal partners ever.

So, are these two individuals compatible or incompatible?

Astrologically speaking, these basic traits of Leo woman and Scorpio man are so similar and so different, that it will take a lot of compromise and understanding to make the relationship successful. Well, let us take a look at the positive aspects first and then the negative ones.

They are ambitious and have dreams and goals in life which they are passionate about. One of the most important qualities found in these individuals is loyalty.