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Amidst rising communal violence and sectarianism, the yogis feel uneasy donning saffron.

He began by humming a stanza in praise of Gorkhnath which he called .

We were informed that in a neighbouring village, there is a yogi Hameed who sings really well. Wherever we go, we are asked about our religion.” “We are afraid that something might go wrong or somebody might ask us why we are wearing saffron or singing praises of Gorakhnath on a sarangi?

On the other hand, the Hindutva brigade looks at them as a threat because these Muslim yogis practice the philosophy and ideals on which they have based their politics of hate.

In 2007, when I started research on Muslim yogis, I met a Sant Kabir Panth follower who informed me about Muslim yogis living in Gorakhpur’s Badgo village.

According to a report from Punjab, the number of Muslim yogis was 38,137 that year.

According to the census held in 1921, there were 629,978 Hindu yogis, 31,158 Muslims and 141,132 Hindu Fakirs.

Who are these yogis and how are they related to the Nath sect influenced by Gorakhnath? Such communities exist across the country including all weaver communities. In Bengal, several communities go by the name of jugis or jogis.

A large section of yogis was spread across Awadh, Kashi, Magadh and Bengal.

Briggs has described the community in enormous detail in his book.

There are Muslim yogis even today who call themselves devotees of Gorakhnath and Bharthari, and associate themselves with the Nath sect.

We reached there and met several young men outside the village.