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List of best online dating names

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MANDARIN CHINESE NAMES Chinese names often sound ridiculous when translated into English, but these ones are pretty! NAMES OF CHINESE GODDESSES All the names with descriptions GODDESSES OF CHINA Large list of names with full descriptions & meanings!

Personal names usually have two characters but a few have one, and a few have more LIST OF POPULAR KOREAN FAMILY NAMES Twenty names with English spelling & variants RULERS OF KOREA Names of rulers and leaders of the major Korean dynasties and states from the beginning of the Common Era to the present day NAMES OF FAMOUS KOREANS A list of famous Koreans or famous people of Korean descent KOREAN NAMES The names listed here are used in Korea GODDESSES OF KOREA List of names with full descriptions & meanings NAMES OF CITIES IN SOUTH KOREA A list of towns or cities in South Korea NAMES OF CITIES IN NORTH KOREA A list of towns or cities in North Korea KOREAN NAMES First and last names, complete with pronunciation! Some personal names are of Tibetan origin or have come from Sanskrit via Lamaism MONGOLIAN NAMES Huge list here, relating to special events, character traits, animals, colour, and foreign NEPALESE NAMES The people of Nepal are predominately Tibeto-Mongolian but they speak Khas, a dialect of a northern Indic language.

A handful of names so far NEPALI SONG TITLES A few names of Nepali Bands, Singers & song titles NEPALI NAMES Huge lists of super names, with meanings, male & female USEFUL NEPALI WORDS AND PHRASES Extensive list of words with meanings that would make great names NAMES OF CITIES IN NEPAL A list of cities in Nepal FILIPINO NAMES Our own extensive list of those hard-to-find names - male, female, Gods, Goddesses etc!

KARA-TUR CREATURES Names of some animals/critters/races that appear in Japanese Legends JAPANESE GODS AND GODDESSES Small list with strong names NAMES OF GODDESSES OF JAPAN Four names, with descriptions JAPANESE GODS NAMES List of ancient and actual deities in the different religions, cultures and mythologies THE GODS AND GODDESSES OF JAPAN Shinto (the Way of the Gods) was the original religion in Japan and had no written literature before the arrival of the Buddhists.

All true Japanese mythology comes from this religion.

BURMESE NAMES How about a great name for your Burmese Cat, Bantam or Python? BURMESE NAMES Burmese only have a given name without an inherited surname KINGS OF BURMA A huge list of interesting names, including dates. Nature, morality and good behaviour are also popular themes. CHINESE NAMES Chinese names with translations of the English name CHINESE BABY NAMES Detailed meanings, famous namesakes, alternatives, and more...

Male & female names, surnames, rulers KHMER NAMES The names listed here are used in Cambodia CAMBODIAN BABY NAMES Small list of lovely names with meanings CAMBODIAN NAMES List of first and last names, and pronunciation CAMBODIAN NAMES Male and female names, with meanings CHINESE NAMES Our own on-line list of male and female names, with meanings CHINESE NAMESMale and Female, with meanings. CHINESE NAMES Get a Chinese name based on an English name - also find out the Zodiac sign! NAMES OF CHINESE MONARCHS An extensive list from the Shang dynasty to the Qin CHINESE NAMES Translated from Western first names MANDARIN NAMES FOR GAMERS All sorts of names with meanings CHINESE TEA NAMES Some super names here with meanings THE HUNDRED CHINESE FAMILIES SURNAMES A guide to the hundred most common Chinese surnames ORIGIN OF CHINESE FAMILY NAMES Family Tree of Chinese Last Names dating back to 5,000 years! CANTONESE NAMES Chinese names and their Cantonese pronunciation MANDARIN NAMES Chinese names and their Mandarin dialect MANDARIN SURNAMES Mandarin (and Chinese) surnames always go first.

JAPANESE DEITIES Names of the god or goddess, or the variations thereof, and details about their abilities and/or attributes JAPANESE FEMALE NAMES Simple List of female names JAPANESE MALE NAMES Simple List of male names JAPANESE BABY NAMES List of lovely names with meanings JAPANESE FAMILY NAMES Good list of names JAPANESE NAMES FROM SAILORMOON The list shows the names in English & Japanese of the characters that appear in the movies JAPANESE PLACE NAMES Extensive list, with meanings JAPANESE/ENGLISH GLOSSARY Words, phrases and grammar points that are commonly used in anime and manga COMMON JAPANESE TERMS IN ANIME The 100 most essential words in anime JAPANESE WORDS List of words in the Japanese language, rendered in romaji.