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Local free cam chat hampshire

Smith Hall Durham, NH A mysterious female figure roams the halls and visits residents in the middle of the night.

Alton, NH Heavy footsteps walking around, furniture moving on its own, doors open mysteriously, and voices heard when no one is in the building.

Fitzwilliam, NH According to the Soul Seekers Paranormal Society: The museum of the Fitzwilliam Historical Society has many reports of possible paranormal activity including feelings of not being alone, strange sounds, voices, and photographs of ectoplasm.

1 Bicentennial Square Concord, NH 03301 (603) 224-2821 A mischievous ghost named George who moves people's chairs, drinks their beverages, and throws food.

158 N Main Concord, NH The drinking glasses move across the table and mysterious voices can be heard in the dining room and kitchen.

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Dover, NH Former site of a mill that partially burned down. You can hear machines running and turning on and off.

There are also lights on in the basement even though it's blocked off.

According to the Soul Seekers Paranormal Society: The Fitzwilliam Historical Society's Amos J.