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The Logic Tutor already provides the learner with the possibility of consulting her/his history using the system. with insight in the knowledge level and difficulties of the student, is planned to be added the Logic Tutor. (1992) The design of computer-based mathematics education. If so, what / what else do we want that system to do? A system model designed to model user paths assisted in the decisions about architecture, and further, the decision to buy rather than build.

Throughout 2000 the website provided information about the search for a system, compiling in one place: • a full overview of the project (context, review of the literature, project plan, resources) • a survey tool for staff input • a trial online course developed in a range of systems as a means of comparison of systems and • a web database of gathered information about system features, sites, capacities.

In the papers, there are several common threads along a number of dimensions: discussion- of technological tools varying from presentation of a new tool through the application of a commercially available system; new applications of technology varying from neural networks through assistive devices; using technology to support different educational methods from collaborative knowledge building through developing individual thinking skills; and applications of technology in various disciplines.

There are 7 panel sessions, 11 tutorials and workshops, and 180 poster sessions.

Proceedings (13th, Tampere, Finland, June 25-30, 2001) PERMISSION TO REPRODUCE AND disseminate THIS MATERIAL HAS BEEN GRANTED BY G. 1 ED-MEDIA 2001 World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Q) & R) giving Simplification as justification.