Start Marriage and dating customs in china

Marriage and dating customs in china

Though comparison between different marriage customs, different customs could be learned about and different cultural backgrounds could be further displayed.

Marriage is an important point in one’s life and a symbol of coming into the next page of one’s life: forming a nuclear family and leading an independent life.

Different nations form different marriage customs under different cultural background.

If there was any sign of astrological conflicts between the couple, which were thought to bring the relationship to disharmony, the proposed marriage would be abandoned.

If the birth dates of the couple would not conflict with each other, the marriage process may go to the next phase.

The second chapter is comparison between traditional Chinese marriage customs and American marriage customs. Some specific rituals came into being with the running heels of history such as three letters and six etiquette and three-fold genuflection with nine kowtows.

Chapter three analyzes the causes of these marriage custom differences. Proposing is the first ritual of the six traditional Chinese marriage rituals.

She said they plan to make recommendations based on their results to influence government policy around visas and residency.

The pair are also considering ways to make their findings available to cultural support groups such as local Chinese clubs."So we can provide some information for people who would like to come to Australia to marry a local man or a local woman to get some preparation for the difficulties and of course enjoy their happy lives," Dr Li said.

If the girl’s parents did not object this proposal, the matchmaker would go to ask the girl’s birth date and hour of birth to access if the couple compatible with each other.

They would call an astrologer to see if the birth dates of the bride and the groom conflict with each other.

It is necessary to make an overall view on some specific details of some marriage customs.