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Married dating in pioneer tennessee

Morris's elderly parents were still alive at that time.

North Otter comes in from English about the center of the cast line of section 12, and South Otter creek comes in from Quarry about the center of the south line of section 36. Wagoner, of Otter Creek township; Mary Jane, wife of James P.

The two effect a junction on section 8, and thenceforward pass onward as one stream - the main Otter creek, flowing out of the township, and passing into Rosedale, at the line between sections 6 and 7. (Turner) White, widow of Louis White, of Mississippi township. White has always been a resident of this county, and always followed farming. Achford, of this township, and Fannie Evelyn, living with her parents. Thomas White, in 1824, located east of Otterville, where he lived for many years. Hiram White was married in 1868; to Julia Hill, a native of Georgia. F.-----------Note: My parents often mentioned knowing members of the White family who were probably descendants of the early White family settlers in the Otter Creek area.

The township is well wooded, the principal prairie land being found in the eastern part and in the south row of sections.

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There is no railroad running through it, though all parts are within easy access of railroad points. He was here reared, and in 1855 was married to Mary M. They lived near the north fork of Otter Creek near the Union Forest Church which my parents and I attended when I was a boy. Nola Henson who my parents often mentioned as being such a wonderful and thoughtful person attended the Union Forest Church there, and was very helpful and kind to people in the community. I remember them telling me the Dabbs family were among the first settlers of the Jersey County, IL area.

There is some hilly country in the township, but very little indeed that would resist efforts at cultivation.***********************************The White Family The first permanent settler within the bounds of what now constitutes the township of Otter creek was Joseph White, a native of South Carolina, but who came to this county from Kentucky, in 1821 or 1822. Roy White and his wife both attended the Union Forest Church at the time and were in their eighties I believe. Her maiden name was White, and she was married to Oscar Henson. My parents had a farm a few miles from Dabbs Hill in the Fieldon, IL area. I remember when I was a boy in the 1950's with my parents on the farm in the Fieldon Area, we often drove up Dabbs hill.

Morris Dabbs was our Otter Creek township Road Commissioner at that time. Linley Dabbs the son of William and Catherine (Worthy) Dabbs was their father. Morris Dabbs and Kearney Dabbs were cousins to them also.