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80% of sentence (or until the age of 70 with 40% of the sentence served); • Guilty of a dangerous felony ? In addition, there are enhanced sentences and minimum prison terms for persistent and predatory sexual offenders (Section 558.018, RSMo), prior and persistent domestic violence offenders (Section 565.063, RSMo) and prior and persistent drug offenders (Sections 195.285 to 195.296, RSMo).

• Forcible Rape (Section 566.030, RSMo) and Forcible Sodomy (Section 566.060, RSMo).

The offense group DWI has recommended sentences for persistent offenders because there are no Class C DWI offenses upon which to calculate average sentences.

Attempt, Accessory or Conspiracy to Commit an Offense (inchoate) Offenders convicted of the attempt or conspiracy are sentenced in accordance with Sections 564.011 and 564.016, RSMo.

The same offense group and level of severity applies.