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I bought Picture 1 from one of the movie sites on the Net and scanned it in.

Labyrinth sheet music: Has music for Magic Dance, Sarah, Chilly Down, Hallucination, As The World Falls Down, Within You, Home At Last, Thirteen O'Clock, and Underground (i.e.

all 12 songs from the soundtrack except Opening Titles, Into The Labyrinth, and The Goblin Battle).

The non-sticker pages contain a puzzle or something to color or decorate.

This is similar to and made by the same publisher as the Labyrinth family activity book.

I also have the sheet music for just Underground here.

Actual contents of the sheet music and lyrics may be read here.

Nintendo Labyrinth: There was a Labyrinth game for Nintendo as well.

The Labyrinth cartridge as well as an Nintendo emulator may be downloaded here.

Labyrinth family activity book: A high quality 48 page book with 16 pages of color photos.

Each page contains a puzzle or something to do before you progress to the next page.

Puzzle 2, Puzzle 3, Puzzle 4, and Puzzle 5, 200 pieces in boxes, by Western Publishing Company.