Start Multi option deposit scheme online dating

Multi option deposit scheme online dating

The Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) is a multi-award winning provider of tenancy deposit protection, protecting over 1 million deposits in England and Wales.

A material change could also be a change of tenant or landlord during the term of the tenancy.

When the tenancy ends without a dispute you must login to your TDS account and end protection of the deposit. You do not need to protect the deposit again if: It is a requirement of TDS for Landlords Rules of Membership that you protect the deposit again in the circumstances listed above.

Download the website user guide for instructions on ending a tenancy. Unless you notify us otherwise we will assume the tenancy is continuing as a statutory periodic tenancy on exactly the same terms and continue protection on this basis. A 'material change' is an important change to the obligations in the agreement.

Please call our Customer Contact Centre if you are unsure. Yes, if it is being paid to a landlord for the purpose of ensuring that the house is properly cleaned at the end of the tenancy, and with a view to returning it to the tenant if the house is clean, then it is a deposit that needs to be protected.