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Much of the content of this movement resembles chamber music between the flute and various instruments.

That same year, he wrote his Wind Quintet expressly for this ensemble.

As a result of poor health, he was only able to complete one more concerto before his death, the Clarinet Concerto, for the group's clarinetist, Aage Oxenvad, which he completed in 1928.

Nielsen began work on the flute concerto while travelling in Germany and Italy in August 1926, intending it to be performed in Paris at a concert devoted to four of his works on 21 October.

During his lifetime, Hartmann occupied a central place in Danish musical life and was considered by many to be an absolute authority on musical matters. Lars von Trier, the film director, is the biological son of Fritz Michael Hartmann, the grandson of Emil Hartmann.

One of his sons, Emil Hartmann, also became a composer, while Carl Christian Ernst Hartmann became a sculptor. Hartmann's works were characterized by artistic seriousness, dramatic vitality, and in particular, by national coloring which appealed deeply to Danish audiences.

An advance from the rather traditional style of Nielsen's Violin Concerto, it reflects the modernistic trends of the 1920s and lacks tonal stability.

The work is generally neoclassical in style, but includes only two movements instead of three, as in classical concerto form.

Although he received his music lessons initially from his father, he taught himself as much as possible.