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The issue is claiming benefits when they are not disadvantaged. She's got blonde hair, blue eyes and skin that burns after half an hour, yet because one of her grandfathers is ¼ aboriginal and she qualifies for Abstudy and a bunch of various scholarships. (however many) generations prior (or however you'd say it) and apparently that is/was the cut off?

When we contacted the customer service agent we were able to talk to someone in the customer satisfaction department named Paul.

Paul told us that the customer service call center was currently open 24 hours a day, so customers can contact an agent at any time day or night with a concern, praise or complaint about their KFC experience.

KFC, or Kentucky Fried Chicken, is one of the cornerstones in American fast food.

The company was established more than 60 years ago with a great recipe and a dream.

This is no doubt a controversial topic, as you will know if anyone has been keeping up with the incident of Andrew Bolts article on the topic and the response to it.

However I have recently had a first hand experience of an example of what Bolt described and I must say it seems like an absolute abuse of the system.

BUT to give the benefits to someone that comes from for example a quite typical middle class family, that has seen no disadvantage in their lifetime due to their aboriginal heritage, that have an aboriginal relative that they probably never even knew in their lifetime and yet still claim the Aboriginal benefit to it's full amount is just irrational and senseless.

Aboriginality is not reliant on skin or hair colour.

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KFC is not afraid to share corporate and customer service contact information.

Occasionally you may just have a happy customer as well.