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Lucky for me, the shame always wears off in six days. Going to the movies was more fun than you can imagine. However, the clientele weren't always so straight--but even the straight guys sometimes joined in. We didn't spend hours upon hours on the Internet never meeting anyone. Piss pig #2 then gets up off my dick and sqirts my piss out his ass into the mouth and face of piss pig #3, who cums as I slide a dildo up his ass. You forgot to tell us that you drove from Portland, Oregon.

Suddenly I understood why people take to the stage. The list would be very long- 70s/80s baths, backrooms in bars, tricks, on the beach, off the street etc... Much slowed down in the last 12 years, in fact almost halted- And prior it was of the nature "sometimes I am a whore, sometimes not" and I practiced safe sex from about 1985 on. Oh so many to pick from, but the whorist of them all, I would have to say was that time I was crushing on a guy at the bar, we hit it off that night.

I invited him home at the end of the night and he asked if he could bring his frind along who "wasn't gay".

I was good freinds with his wife as well - not sure if she every suspected what was going on (though i honesty don't think she would have cared.)Hooked up with a really hot guy one evening.