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Hunt won several races and achieved regular high placed finishes which led to the British Guild of Motoring Writers awarding him a Grovewood Award as one of the three drivers to have promising careers.

However, he had a persistently rebellious personality; for example, his parents believed that he had started smoking from the age of 10, a habit he continued into adulthood, despite their attempts to persuade him to stop.

He was prone to violent tantrums; as an adult, he acknowledged that he was quick tempered.

As a youngster, Hunt became a proficient sportsman.

He played for the Westerleigh School cricket team, and played in goal at football for two years.

At the age of 12 he entered an under-17s tennis tournament, and lost to a 16-year-old in the final.

Rather than congratulate himself, he instead cried for hours.

Hunt first learned to drive on a tractor on a farm in Pembrokeshire, Wales while on a family holiday, with instruction from the farm's owner, but he found changing gears frustrating because he lacked the required strength.

Hunt also took up skiing in 1965 in Scotland and made plans for further ski trips.

He later competed at Junior Wimbledon, and also became a keen squash player and golfer.

As a child, Hunt was fascinated with animals and birds, and professed an intention of becoming a doctor, which his family supported.

In these races, Hunt finished 4th and 5th respectively.