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On line chat sex aunty

"Right I really need to go, my aunty pulls a visiting card from her bag, "Take this.

I placed her on the bed and started sucking her right nipple first , it became hard and erect. Then I increased my force and pressed them hard and I could hear her moan. She holded me tightly and we both lay there for about 15 minutes. I told her to do once more but when she started playing with my ‘thing’, it felt too painful for me. She went to bathroom then, washed it and came back. Then once more we have had our sex but I was so weak then because of last nights ‘work’ and the ‘morning plays’ with my lovely aunt. After that we both had our breakfast and she went her home though it was a holiday..

I touched her boobs tenderly and then tried to size them up by moving my palms all over her boobs. I played with her boobs to my satisfaction and then sat down on my knees to take them in my mouth. Anyway it cumed once more and make it fell on the cleverage of her breast. We both kissed again and it lasted for about 10 minutes. I only saw this type of kissing in the movies and then I was enjoying it in the reality, with my sexy aunt. She took the bed sheet and went to the bathroom for wash. That evening she called me by phone and we then had a serious talk.

I returned to Harry feeling genuinely confused and turned on.

"Reckon you owe me Mate." "If I would not have believed that, I hadn't seen it Terry." "Me neither, mate." "What did she give you? "I reckon." I still had a confused look on my face, wondering what the hell just happened...

" "Thanks Aunty." "You're welcome." "No seriously Aunty, I mean it, Thanks, I enjoyed this." "Me too." The next bit took me really by surprise, Aunty grabs a handful of my manhood, "Yes you really did enjoy it.

Cheerio I must fly now." Her hand strokes up the front to under my chip.

We have a quick sloppy kiss, uncouple and she leaves.

She also is having good shaped tits and good figure. She made some tea and as I was sipping we talking about our good old days.

I always use to look at aunt's body whenever got time and often masturbated by thinking of her. We were also watching movie on cable as talking to each other.

She shifted the topic to my future plans and about marriage.

I told her no plans for marriage at present since I had settle in my professional life however any good proposal came for girl having qualities like to you, I will consider the things. I told her that she is well educated, settled , working, beautiful and sexy.