Start Once upon a time s03e14 online dating

Once upon a time s03e14 online dating

It was that whole speech that pushed Drizella to remove the hero factor from it in the first place.

She's apparently holding some card closer to her heart.

I never thought anything was going to come from the search to see if Regina adopted Henry.

It was poised to be brushed under the rug without a second thought.

Rumple explaining the truth about Belle's demise to Regina in the other realm was really sad. She's mostly pulling all the strings, and she knows she's invincible.

He was determined to change his life up for the better, and I can't be the only one who thought him speaking about passing on The Dark One meant he was giving the role to Drizella. Regina is probably wishing she never mentioned heroes always winning in the end.

And, to think, Regina trusted Drizella to save her from a castle falling on her.

We already know that Zelena is returning during Once Upon a Time Season 7, so look for her to be the one to help Regina find a way to do something about Drizella.

It's time to give the kid something else to do that does not involve her shouting to anyone that will listen about the curse.