Start Online dating sending pictures to inmates

Online dating sending pictures to inmates

Some things you should never do when sending a letter, as it will result in the letter being rejected: If there is one thing an inmate loves more than getting a letter in the mail, it's getting photos.

We take care of all that for you for as little as $1 per letter and .50 cents for each photo.

Jmail is perfect for people who live outside the USA.

Just use the search on this page to find the facility, or you can select the state the facility is located in on our homepage or by clicking the blue bar at the top of this page.

I have ordered dozens of books and magazines for inmates through Amazon and have never run into a problem yet, except for one time when I ordered something to an inmate who was at a short term facility, but they just rejected the box of books and Amazon credited me back, with no extra work on my end.

They keep you going from day to day and bring the voices or those you love right into your head.

Often times inmates can hardly wait to get that next letter delivered from the mail room.

I find the best way to send photos to an inmate is to print them through Walgreens, often for under 10¢ per photo. If they are not from a publisher like amazon and you send them yourself in a box they will be rejected!

You can upload the photos online and then go pick them up, put them in an envelope and mail them or just have them mailed directly to the inmate through the Walgreens website (mailing them directly has some drawbacks).​ Some important things to remember when sending photos: Okay, I know before I said "if there is one thing an inmate loves more then a letter is photos"... Some key things about ordering books are they must come NEW, and must must must be paperback. Ordering books for an inmate through Amazon is easy, you just have to make sure that you select ship by USPS and that you ship it to the inmate's mailing address.

Sending letters and photos to inmate's in the USA has never been easier.

Our service is a fast, cost effective way of getting your messages and photos delivered to any inmate in any prison in America.

Save money on international postage and shipping times.