Start Online dating sites with background checks

Online dating sites with background checks

Since its founding in 2007, it has run more than 40 million background checks for 109,000 subscribers. This service is in high demand with millions of visits per month.

“Oftentimes the information on public records can be a little jargon-heavy,” Justin said, “so we have a phone number that’s available 8 a.m. The mission is to help people feel secure when online, and keep con artists like Maria at bay.

Court runners have the experience to dig through the files and retrieve the public record you seek without any trouble.

Based in Miami, the customer service team answers questions about the background report, subscription services, or general public information. on weekends.” Any Been Verified subscriber with questions or concerns can talk to a real person trained to walk customers through the process. “We’re trying to build a real company with faces that people know. “We’ve been recognized for our great customer service.” In its background report, Been Verified offers clear explanations of public records so they’re not confusing to the layman.

On a desktop or mobile device, Been Verified makes searching for criminal records easier — and online dating safer.