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The first attempt to compile an encyclopedia in the real sense of the word is evident in the "Etymologiæ sive origines" of Isidore of Seville (c.

Thus there have appeared, for instance, Böckh, "Encyk. Wissenschaften" (2nd ed., Leipzig, 1886); Hommel, "Semitische Völker und Sprachen" (Leipzig, 1883 —); Schmitz's work on the modern languages; Körting's works on English and Romance philology (Heilbronn, 1884 —); Gröber, "Grundriss der roman.

Philol." (Strasburg, 1888 —); Paul, "Grundriss der german.

An abridgment of human knowledge in general or a considerable department thereof, treated from a uniform point of view or in a systematized summary.

According to their form, systematic encyclopedias are divided into two classes: Suidas, in the tenth century, compiled an encyclopedia of the latter type, which became common only in the seventeenth century after the appearance of encyclopedic dictionaries dealing with particular sciences. a lost work of Plato's pupil, Speusippus, and later Varro's "Rerum divinarum et humanarum antiquitates", which has also perished.

the "Pera librorum juvenilium" of Wagenseil (Altdorf, 1695), Chevigny's "La science de l'homme de cour d'épée et de robe" (18 vols., Amsterdam, 1752), and Daniel Morhof's "Polyhistor" (Lübeck, 16).

A clearer idea of the proper organic construction of an encyclopedic work is first apparent in J. Gesner's "Primæ lineæ isagoges in eruditionem universalem" (3rd ed., Göttingen, 1786), and J. Sulzer's "Kurzer Begriff aller Wissenschaften" (Leipzig, 1745; Eisenach, 1778).

The most important work for the popularization of the results of scientific research was Bayle's "Dict. The ambitious "Biblioteca universale" of Coronelli (7 vols., Venice, 1701) remained incomplete; the immense "Grosses, vollständiges Universal-Lexikon aller Wissenschaften und Künste", edited by J. von Ludewig, Frankenstein, Longolius, and others and published by Zedler (64 vols. vols., Leipzig, 1731-54), was brought to completion.