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IV WHY THE BAPTISTS DO NOT BAPTIZE THEIR INFANTS; • '.109 By Rev. It looks to us, therefore, to be laying a great stress on water in salvation, to be christening the child in death, as well as to foster superstition ; as if the death of Jesus were not enough to save it, whereas in heaven, the ransomed babe will sing glory, and ascribe sal- vation '^ unto him who has washed us in his blood," and not to him who christened us.

We believe that if an infant dies, it is saved by the virtue of Christ's blood-shedding, and not by a few drops of water, nor an ocean fall.

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Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. OP THE I DISTIXCTIVE POINTS OP • I 1 I BAPTIST FAITH AND PRACTICE. The instraction to be imparted to the nations is about the gospel and its facts, doctrines and pre* .cepts; the death, resurrection, intercession, right- eousness, and commandments of Christ.

So that infant baptism, as we see it, corrupts the church by introducing another sort of members into its fellowship, beside those who are converted to Christ.

Yet, he is not under church obligations and discipline, and he does not share church privileges, such as the Lord's sup- per.

Scarcely any form of denunciation against us, on this subject, seems to be thought too severe, even by otherwise lovely Christian people.