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Up on The Moorside, among the whirligig washing lines and pregnant teenagers, Sheridan has a pocked and pasty complexion, a double chin, filthy nails and a dirty mouth.‘Oh s**tcakes, I swore,’ she says, after making yet another TV appeal in a fleece.

Inevitably, the broadcast has sparked fresh interest in the main protagonists — especially Karen.

Meanwhile, enterprising locals are cashing in by touting tours of The Moorside estate at £15 a pop.

There have also been eyebrows raised about the BBC’s failure to contact the families of some of those portrayed and of payments made by the producers to a number of the real-life characters involved in the original story who played cameo roles — all of which appears to breach BBC guidelines.

Appallingly, Karen Matthews had been inspired by this tragedy, hoping to get rich by sharing any putative reward money and possible media fees relating to Shannon’s ‘disappearance’.

She is somewhere out there in the shadowlands, with a new family, a better life and — no doubt — a strong desire to put the mistreatments of the past behind her.

Yet here we are, churning up the godforsaken swamp for no good reason that anyone can think of, except to provide another star vehicle for Sheridan Smith, an actress who loves, she says, to ‘lose myself’ in the characters she portrays.

Karen Matthews (played by Gemma Whelan from Game Of Thrones) has impressive aubergines of pain painted under each eye, a regrettable pony-tail and an air that suggests she has been recently lobotomised.