Start Peavey amp serial number dating

Peavey amp serial number dating

As I said in one of my previous posts, I am very lucky to have a substantial input from Chip, himself and I am grateful for the time he has put into it and he has indicated there is more to come.

There are four editions of the Blue Book, as of 2014.

Peavey Electronics is one of the very few major American musical instrument manufacturers still run by the original founding member and owner.

Browsers/customers can view options, customize, and order guitars through the site.

For more information, visit Peavey's website or Peavey's Custom Shop website.

Because the serial number of an amp can sometimes be listed on different components of the amp, if the amp contains parts that are not original, it may not be possible to determine when it was made by using a serial number.

Similar to the Kelley Blue Book for cars, the Blue Book for Guitar Amplifiers is a comprehensive guide to technical information, serialization and value of several brands of guitar amps.

Due to the success and acceptance of the EVH 5150 amplifier, Van Halen withdrew his connection with his signature Ernie Ball model and designed a new Wolfgang model with Peavey that was introduced in 1996.

The EVH Wolfgang guitars were produced through 2004, when the Peavey/Van Halen endorsement ended.

There may be one or more tone stages which affect the character of the guitar signal: before the preamp stage (as in the case of guitar pedals), in between the preamp and power stages (as in the cases of effects loop or many dedicated amplifier tone circuits), in between multiple stacked preamp stages, or in feedback loops from a post-preamp signal to an earlier pre-preamp signal (as in the case of presence modifier circuits).

The tone stages may also have electronic effects such as There are two configurations of guitar amplifiers: combination ("combo") amplifiers, which include an amplifier and one or more speakers in a wooden cabinet; and the standalone amplifier (often called a "head" or "amp head"), which does not include a speaker, but rather passes the signal to a or "cab".

The online subscription contains the entire database of the current Blue Book of Guitar Amplifiers.