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All Jacobs L6, L4, and early R755-A2 engines originally used steel cylinders. If the oil level in the combustion chamber is so great that the piston contacts it, something is going to give, and it will not be the oil.

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This article speaks specifically to the Jacobs engine, but this information is generally applicable to the Lycoming and Continental radials as well. We expect to produce fuel injected versions of all engines we rebuild in the coming months and years.

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Does using Marvel Mystery Oil in the Fuel accomplish anything? Many of our customers have experienced excellent results with Marvel Mystery Oil in their engines.

At the temperatures found in the combustion chamber of a cylinder, MM oil will be vaporized.

The accompanying illustration shows the firing order and cylinder numbering sequence for a typical 9 cylinder radial.

You will notice that every other cylinder fires in order and that at the end of two compression stroke revolutions, the pattern repeats itself. What are my options as far as cylinder bores are concerned - chrome, steel, etc.? This question must be answered on an engine model by model basis.

During WWII when these engines averaged several hours per week, rust was not a problem, but today's operator might only average 25 or 50 hours per year.

In this case it is not unusual to see rust form on the cylinder walls with a resultant loss of compression and increase in oil consumption.

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