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Poor dating wealthy

Although Claire was impressed by her wealthy counterpart Rana's determination to work full-time while still being a hands-on mother to four with the help of her husband, she admitted she found their lives far removed from her own.'I cannot comprehend that a job pays that much money that at the end you still have that much [left over] ...

When they grow up and they're an adult they're going to have to budget money, that's part of life.'Meanwhile, the wealthy Alsoud family had to adjust to sharing just one bathroom between them instead of the usual four - and survive on a weekly budget of just £170.

They revealed their worries over the crime rate in their temporary neighbourhood, with Mahrous concerned to hear from local youngsters who told him they carry knives for protection.

Despite enjoying being able to treat her children, Claire became emotional at the thought of what she hasn't been able to provide on her small salary - which would pay for around half of what the Alsoud's Audi cost.