Start Power off while updating pc

Power off while updating pc

Those of us who've felt Windows Update-inflicted pain will all agree on this: Microsoft needs to make Windows Update better.

Don't know if 32-bit or 64-bit - never bothered to find out which one exactly and because I don't know the difference truthfully.

The laptops name is 'HP pentium" I don't think this is specific but feel free to ask any specific questions that you wish to know.

Point is that straight out of the box, updates are being applied and it's easy to minimise the adverse impact by virtue of defining those active hours.

But this is not perfect - far from it - and believe me, I've felt the pain of Windows Update on many occasions so let's acknowledge that: I've had Windows Update make me lose unsaved work.

Without doing a thing, when Wanna Cry came along almost 2 months later, the machine was protected because the exploit it targeted had already been patched.

It's because of this essential protection provided by automatic updates that those advocating for disabling the process are being labelled the IT equivalents of anti-vaxxers and whilst I don't fully agree with real world analogies like this, you can certainly see where they're coming from.

Typing on phone for obvious reasons (read title head-liner)Okay so first time signing up to and using this site. The initial time this happened it was stuck there for over 4 hours and I knew that wasn't normal so ever since from then on whenever I've encountered this screen at random, I've just hard shut-down my computer to save myself hours of getting-nowhere-configuring/updating.