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My husband has a habit of getting these handmade gifts and letting them sit in the corner, in a closet or under the bed. – Each date has an information page taped on the front of the envelop, detailing some of the things that would be nice to know, without giving away the date. – I just tied the envelopes together with baker’s twine and put them in a cardboard box. But there’s really not a cute container to corral it all.

It was in good condition and I guess we’ll find out if all the cards are there the first time we play it… I put in that coupon and a $5 bill to cover the cost of the other player. I was able to use some credit card reward points we had and got a $25 gift card for Fandango. This one will hopefully cost less than $10 out of pocket when we use it. It can be a whole dinner with cheese fondue and bread for appetizers followed by an oil fondue to cook meat in and concluding with a dessert fondue.

The extent of the hack is still unknown, but if the hackers have indeed obtained users' personal data, the deletion of an account won't save cheaters from the aftermath of a potential leak.

The biggest mistake was already made when the majority of Ashley Madison users used their own credit cards to pay for the service, despite the fact that the site accepts anonymous payment methods.

There were two that were stuffed pretty full, but the other 10 were mostly flat.