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I never once insulted him or wrote to him in a derrogatory yet manner.

Psycho-freak then calls me at 1 in the morning - I did not answer the call.

yes, i took that as a threat to my well being, but the law, unfortunately, does not. i am trying to protect someone else from going through the same drama he is putting ME through, mr. If in fact he is threatening you; you need to make the local authorities aware of it; not put your face and disparrage on a public forum where he is able to see it.

believe me, i know what i can and cannot do LEGALLY speaking. I don't condone what you allege that he did; however if you used him for a free meal and then took a powder as soon as the check was paid; because there were no sparks flying; you let yourself in for his contempt.

I then wrote him a few days later and told him that I was seeing someone else and I'm sorry that things just didn't work out between us.