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Pune dating singles

But it is in no way safer or better than meeting online.

I wouldn't mind it just being a social experience, and to figure out the rest later.

"We've tweaked our event so you don't have to repeat your job description to everyone.

I would never meet such variety if I had stuck to my usual circle!

"Our format requires you to speak with ALL opposite singles.

But of course, to each his own and dermatologist Abhigyan Mukherjee, also a participant, felt that a few minutes was just not enough time to get to know the other person.

"Yes, there were instances where five minutes was more than enough time with a person, but otherwise, eight minutes is not enough time to get to know your date," insists 26-year-old Abhigyan.

Before you answer that question, we suggest taking into consideration what dating app regulars have to say.