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Radio ancoa linares online dating

\, 000 (^5,700,000); the Total Debt, then, reached §310,189,100 (i J'23, 270,000), or say £y, 2s. Deducting from these assets the amount of the debt and some other obligations of the State, there remains in favor of the National Treasury a balance of $354,000,000.

The State lines run over an extent of 11,200 miles, and the private lines 2,800 miles, which give a total of 14,000 miles of telegraph lines for internal communications.

Two lines of submarine cables and two land lines which cross the range of the Andes by underground cables, put the country in direct communication with the rest of the world.

Newspapers, reviews, and other periodical publications circulated free, as aiming at instructing of the people.

In the space of twelve years, from 1888 to 1900, the sum of $152,000,000 has been invested in these branches. — Chile has always taken special pains in keeping her public services up to the standards of the most advanced countries. In behalf of the freedom of instruction guaranteed by the constitution of the State, there are also numerous private establishments devoted to the same purpose.

Most of the cities and industrial centers of any importance have the telephone service established for their home relations with neighboring localities and even distant points of several provinces.

This service is in the hands of private enterprises which have invested in it a sum approximating to $6,000,000 and they operate 15,000 miles of wires.

There are, besides, about 30,000 miles of wagon roads in the country.