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Reviews on anastasia dating

– This is not considered a scam as the lady might just not be interested in you.

Regrettably, they were unable to spend as much time together as they had hoped, but they stayed in contact through writing e-mails and video chatting.

Besides the given Anastasia Date scam prevention tips, you can also find out in advance which situations qualify for reimbursement of the credits spent.

You will be refunded the credits you spent while communicating with a lady who: • Requests money for whatever reason – She will also be banned from the website.

• Exchange personal information with your chosen lady through their “Call Me” service.

This will help you develop a more intimate relationship as well as let you know that the lady you’re talking to is who she says she is.

In this review, you will learn what exactly are the Anastasia Date scam prevention guidelines and how this policy keeps their members safe.

When visiting the Anastasia and Anastasia websites, members can easily find safety tips they should follow in order to protect themselves from fraudsters in general.

• Misidentifies herself • Misrepresents details in her profile, like (not) having children, never being married, etc.