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Its majestic feathers emit dazzling red, orange, and yellow lights, like a fire, and the bird is often the object of a difficult quest. In Russia and Ukraine, a fire-spitting creature known as Zmey Gorynych is said to have three heads and walk on its two back paws.

However, not all creatures in Ukrainian folklore are true to life.

Here are 7 legendary beings and their role in Ukraine’s history and culture.

Descriptions vary by region, but a Ukrainian vodianyk typically resembles a very old man with a long, bushy beard.

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The indrik is a majestic creature that lives on a holy mountain unsullied by humans.

The creature has the powerful body of a bull, the legs of a deer, the head of a horse, and an enormous horn.

Known for his pale skin, piercing eyes, and beard made of grass and vines, the lesovik travels in the company of wolves or bears and orchestrates mass migrations.