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Sammlung gurlitt online dating

Records of sales from 1970 to 1980 include the name of the artist, the subject of the artwork, and the price; other information is only occasionally included.

The files in this subseries include predominantly black-and-white study photographs which were found with additional textual documentation, such certificates of authenticity (originals or photocopies), and occasional correspondence.

Frequently, annotations on verso of the photographs provide information regarding attribution and provenance and the photographer's stamp is present.

Occasionally included are color photographs, negatives, and color transparencies.

Duplicate photographs, of which many are also annotated, are filed at the end of this subseries.

A are index cards for private collectors, art dealers, intermediary agents, art historians, and art museums and other institutions.

Listed on the cards are the clients' names; affiliation; address and phone numbers; collecting interests; personal details, such as names of spouses or friends; and occasionally artwork owned or artwork purchased from Schaeffer Galleries, including prices.

Photographs of attributed artworks are marked on the verso with information regarding the artist or school, dimensions, or provenance, and often bear the photographer's stamp.