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These Scriptures are not shareware and may not be duplicated.

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Group, 338 Euston Road, London NW1 3BH."New International Version” and “NIV” are registered trademarks of Biblica, Inc.®. Biblica (formerly International Bible Society) provides God's Word to people through Bible translation, Bible publishing and Bible engagement in Africa, East Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, North America and South Asia.

Through its worldwide reach, Biblica engages people with God's Word so that their lives are transformed through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

For 10 years, Long and a growing group of like-minded supporters drove this idea.

The passion of one man became the passion of a church, and ultimately the passion of a whole group of denominations.

The initial translations produced by these teams were carefully scrutinized and revised by intermediate editorial committees of five biblical scholars to check them against the source texts and assess them for comprehensibility.

Each edited text was then submitted to a general committee of eight to twelve members before being distributed to selected outside critics and to all members of the CBT in preparation for a final review.

Samples of the translation were tested for clarity and ease of reading with pastors, students, scholars, and lay people across the full breadth of the intended audience.

Perhaps no other translation has undergone a more thorough process of review and revision.

The CBT was charged to meet every year to review, maintain, and strengthen the NIV’s ability to accurately and faithfully render God’s unchanging Word in modern English.