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A Greenwood correspondent writes: "Tlio chanco H of tlio Conaorvativo can- dldato. — Tho Can- .ndion .stea^aahip Lake C'liim- piccs or tlic Victoria "West Municipal pinln fnini Livorpool lalidod licv vj'^E'CII- Yolor.s' as;.'? lie dealt ar .'^oine lemrlli witli tlic aclions of the as a whole a.s Wi'll as Iier own. ratorson .stated lliat he tliou Rlu tile present at Klk lake could be made to supply the city for some time, and did not favor its abandonment at least without careful investigation. .;o al ( 'olo Kne by llerr Trlniborn who has hitherto reii- reseiitcd llie urban conlsitiieiu'v in the Clerical received over 19,000 votos at tho election- of .1993, ejcprensed ^hiti opinion that the .coup-of the Government had been .in' secret preparation for a long time.' lt,,%yas riot a question of a few million marks more or leas for the col- onies, but rather of maintaining for the iteichstag tho control of tlie parse ns fignlnst tlie view that "some inii' hail only to strike Ids sabre on the gioiiiirl and lo derlarc 111! -The future destiny of this city will be largely bound up in the rail- ways, and it will he to the interests of tho city to a man " as ma.vor, who understands thoroughly just what ho Is doing, when lt .,take the platiorni until late In tho evening, owing to the numbers of other candidates,. Considerable In-, teresl is being felt in school ma:tterjr this year, ;ind as tho citizens are de- Irous (d aeeordlng a full and com- plete lieiiring to all iisi)lrants for the board of trustees, it Is [)roposed tliat the candidates for the board be given an opportunity to .speuk at tlie open- ing 1)1 the me-etliig. The voters' ' List A i)uzzling question has arisen In eonneellon with the votr^rs' list.

, and by thoir denunciation of the oppo- authoritles compleie ■H;u.s ot ilie voiuu- 1 . leers who left taiiaua fur Koulh Af- i °" '^e lines of its construction riea. So far as the reports ladicate, tho fatalities iiumbor leas than a hundred, though tho hospitals filled vci was the granting to Messrs. No oilier name was proposed lo the con vi^iilioii, and the nomination was unanimous, every delegate rising to Ills feet when the vote was called. Shatford accepted the nomjna- ti their wliolo liopc upon tho platform ability of theh- can- didate,, but It Is work, not talk, which tho oloctor H of Slinilkaineeii ask of their ropresentalive, and thero is every Indication that the verdict on election day will be ovon more pronounced In favor (if Mr. Mc Brlde Eovornment as the most Incapable and guillv tho province has over known. — Ae- ", main poriion of iho oily, and the Iive;4l8^it-e Htord;iy e\'i? ■ , v..- ■ •■ ■ The meeting was 'oouijludea by a dis- ri Lfsioii of l Uosp nd'uirs in wliii'Ii tlio Bs jire.'ieii' appear to liikt a lively Inier- t' wan iminird oiil lliat nn iufrense in l Uft ni-i'otnitvidal ion o C tlio .sfliools ivas an ahsnli Uu iii'('csi Ly. ivlioii tin: whole ironlile would have been I'eiieatcd. Several names existing on tl JO ward lists been found to be omitted on that of the mayor's, and Returning Officer North- cott Is now busy endeavoring to find out who may be the voters' omitted in the latter case. ■ ■ That u larger iiiiuii be laid to the fair grounds and Old Men's Home,' so as to provide some lire protection for those premises. He, men, chemical ex- tinguishers, etc., be purchased and placed at lietvdqunricrs, and a motor en- gine alsobeipurcliiisod.

This was iloue lu-iiiiurily fur the | and tactics, broke- the record , as .creat- purpose of carry 111;; (jilt ilic iiruvisions or.-; of enthusiasm. ,' ' ' of the L'ai Kuliaii (.oiumyeiu L.vempiion I c. JWIer and Mc Laren the property to wlucli ilniy weiv i Mititled as the oriuinul iliscovcrers of what was then rapidly becoming a very imporlaul miniii',' cciilrc. Shiilford than that of tour years ago, for many think that I\Ir. Delta, who, it was announced at tho beginning of the campaign, would speak In many parts of the province, and aa yet he had not felt In going any further away from his borne than the town of Steveston. Mc- Kay said that as he would have other opportilnltles of addresslngr tho elect- ors of Kaslo, he would cut his time short 30 that no time shiuld be lost to Premier Mc Brlde or Mr. Ho concluded by saying he was proud lo have tlip honor of being a candidate ill Kaslo In support of Hon. The cheers which greeted this romark spoke volumes for tho popularity of the candidate and tho l^eellng of the doctors of this riding in favor of the present government. He denied that there was a surplus in tho pro- vincial treasury, as alleged, and ad- versely criticized tho granting of aid to Dewdney municipality. nin6r under (h« au H- say oonfidpnily, t Unt all those -vvho have worked for ine,. The claim of llie ladiaus lo dieii' reserve was .slroiii,', and III ppr.-ninli the federal .ijoverniiient (o l.nlci: spi'ciiil lesislalion for llieir ovic- linii would lie a hard matter. It is hoped that tho matter may be sntlsfactdrlly set- tled before polling day.

rest for all time tho: '^^"^.^5"^^°'^ tho prospects '^^^^^^^ Me Candless Bros. "Youp shoes will bs right if you got thorn here." B. Tho -iiews'of tlie disaster arrived too late tonight, toj ue Wine gtn- , orally. Ho i;erved in the Crimean campaign with llio (^rc'iiadlor Guards and was jires- eiit at the liattlcs of the .-\lma and , Inkorman, whoro he was wounded, and , the slogo of Sebastopol..

'known to thai' public, is cfei | tain to cause -widespread Mi Uitu M'nr.ion, und will bring to the mind of rhe Brit- isli public the terrors of ''.n onrrhquake , in a way thot even tho Snn Frapcisco catastrophe failed to do . He was sey- eral- times a.membei^ of ::tho, House, of Commons. He was under secretary ot slate for foreign affairs in 1886 aiid from ISDl to 1892 h© 'Berved as.; post-, master general. Tho Litchfield hotel | partments in Lord Derby's third and is Hituated in Port Antonio, and .lust, now has many guests from tbo north.

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Had Good Effect j There is little doubt but that the | aforenientiuned bill, for which i'remier Kaslo, Jan. — On his arrival hero tonight from Ivootonay Landing, Pro- mlot Mc Bride was mot at the dook by a largj gatherlns of representative citizens, who j 'paye him t Vee rcnsing, cheers as he landed from the steamer.; With the Premier was W, J. C, of Vancouver, and tonight they addressed the largest political meeting ever held In this city. Uotail B of the disaster , are lack- ing, as direct communication with the Htrlckon city ha.s been cut off. Voill and Alfred Ung Kotl, both of ivhom nr R faudidalcs. the (ilhci- for ro-flnctioii, t(j Iho NKhool bonnl nl 1lir roniin K ok-clioiis. The matter hail, he uiider- stood, been very near .settlement, wlicn a deadlock luid bei'ii rcio'licd uii ac- count, id" tlip refusal of I lie Indians lo iro ar.y wlit T" bill to t Jailhoro I' Tlio siir- riir.iidiii L,' ili, U'ici was .soliliii;.' up raii- iilly. Mayor's) iiart, 1 and called the attention of his heavers ' III the anion of His AVorship repardin;,' i ihe municipal voters'.' list. Tho barracks and onicers' iiuarters on the ens L coast of Samar wero dcslroyed. Communication with Leyto and Sanmr has been cut oft for k Ix 'days and' only , moaerre particulars of tho storm were. Oyf), whil-; In llie books of the wards there are .",101.

They also, by their accounts of the record of the Conservative, government of British Columbia, by their frffnk dealing with all questions raised In the campolern, ,. Tho land lines had been recou Htructed to within five miles of Kingston on Tuesday evening', and from meagre re- ports received" through stich channels a.s were open it has been learned that many of tho most important buildings have been doatroyed, and that there has been serious loss of life. Mc Douyall of I^rlnceton and riccoiulcd by Frank RIcl Ucr of Kero- uieos. cuiidi rtate R for re-election 16 carry out audi II duty as tho, revision of the yoters' list. Both candidnln^ fihnn-ed an ;i Kiociiiont ill their views, li. aiifl ii was bopud in include it williiii (lie city limits snail' linn; in tin; fiitare. Owing to ihe fact that the- pvte and Samnr wei-e swept by a ty- phoon on Xo osllniato of the da mage to property has yet boon made. For sonie rea K..)n or other there is a discrepancy of nine names between the two lists. THE FIRE DEPARTMENT Chief Watson Presents Most Gratify- ing Report for Year 1906 Chief Watson of tho Are department has prepared the following report for the year 1906: nl.'irin boxes in the districts UQW being hnilt up. Tliat n motor auxiliary wagon, capa- ble of carrying ho.

Our qualified optician has made a very apeciai study of this defect, and can readily give rs Uef to those so afflicted by the fitting 6f perfectly adjusted glasses. * Pbisons7 which should leave the system by these organs, are taken up by the blood and inflame the delicate female organs. At all drugffists'— or from Prult-a-tivesl,iniited Ottawa.

Another symptom Is when prtnt suddenly becomes blurred when reading, owing to the tension becoming too great to maintain. Most cases of female trouble start when the bowels become inactive— the kidneys strained ■^and ; theiskitt- not cared for.

Some ."f," |,a-ly in \'ictoria, to iuve4tit;aie tuo mat- were opposed to , l t « p.csont i . ,' " ij Pruit-artiyes " sweeten the -stomach— mate the bowels move regularly every day — strengthen the kiduey.s — improve the action of the skiu — and' i Aus purify ihe blood. Tbifl disoaee asaamos bo many fqnna (hat [there is scarce^ a^oomploint which it may pot reeombl^'in one vayoranotlier. I tried everything 1 oould get bat to no purpose ; then finally 'etarted to ubo Uurdooli Blood Bittern.