Start Sex offender website canada

Sex offender website canada

Allow ample time for processing, as requests are processed on first come first served basis.

The fee-supported applicant program has grown dramatically in recent years as Congress and the Legislature continue to expand background check requirements.

Annually, our staff processes approximately 55,000 applicant fingerprint cards and conducts about 20,000 name checks.

We will accept payment by cash check or credit/debit card.

There will be an additional processing fee of $1.00 plus 3% of the total transaction for all payments made by credit or debit card.

Through research, speaking opportunities, and written resources our influence is global.

The Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) provides information and identification services that assist law enforcement agencies detect and apprehend criminals, which promote public and officer safety, and that support the criminal justice system in the prosecution, adjudication, and correctional supervision of offenders.

The request may be hand delivered or mailed to the Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI).

Please keep in mind, BCI does not telephone or fax results.

The date must be within 180 days of the fingerprint check submission.

The required fee for a fingerprint check is $25.00.

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