Start Sex while camping tips

Sex while camping tips

It made me a little suspicious that that was why she wanted everything ready to go so soon.

While that wouldn't really affect me, considering the number of trees in the area, it could be a bit harder for the girls. Then we cleaned up and they came down the trail and were watching us, so mom licked Amy's pussy and I licked Donna and then I kinda fucked both of them." "Jesus Trevor. Like completely naked and your cock inside her fucking her? " "He'd be pissed I'd imagine," I answered as we turned down the little road toward our campsite. I wasn't complaining about the amount or quality of sex. But it did make me wonder if my family was on the weird side or if other families had similar experiences and just kept it all under wraps. She stood in nothing but a tiny little pink thong panty that barely covered the little patch of curls on her mound and pulled between her full round lips as it disappeared between her legs.

Not that it'd help all that much as noisy as my mother was, but hey, any little bit helps. "Cuz someone wanted me to walk around without any underwear on! "If I could get away with walking around shirtless like you are, you'd probably love it! "Sorry dad," my sister said as we approached the table. She turned away from us and bent at the waist, reaching to her feet to untie her shoes, her pussy pushing out at us between her legs as she stayed bent, slipping off one shoe and then the other.

With camp set, mom and dad set about cooking dinner while Jenny and I explored around the area a little. " I stepped closer and reached out to cup one of her tits and stroked my fingers across her hard nipples. But you sure it wasn't me slipping my fingers into your pussy in the truck on the way here that's got you so turned on? I wanted to do so much more than tease your cock through your shorts. So you made me climax, what are you going to do about the fucking part? Donna and Amy and I did it some down with mom when we showered. " Jenny said, abruptly stopping in the road and grabbing my arm to turn me around. "We kind of got sidetracked looking around." "Well, it's your dinner that's cold," he said, making no move to get up. I'll get it," Jenny said, reaching for two plates from the kitchen box. The canyon is across the highway I guess, but we're on a plateau or something and it's really flat," Jenny answered for us. She straightened up and walked toward us, her tits swaying and wiggling as she moved, setting her shoes on the end of the table right in front of us.

"God I'm so fucking horny," Jenny said quietly as we walked along the twisting road between the sparsely populated campsites. If you hadn't made me climax when you did, I think I'd have stripped and fucked you right there in the truck." "Glad you enjoyed it," I answered with a smile. " I looked around and then took her hand, pulling her off the road into a vacant camp site. " she moaned as her legs began to shudder where they rested against my arms, my hands squeezing her hips slightly tighter as my own body demanded that I pound her a little harder. " I grunted loudly as my body spasmed and jammed my cock into her so hard her ass slid on the table a little bit. In a hushed voice she said, "It just sounded to me like you took a shower with mom and then the two of you had sex with two of them. She dished two large plates of some kind of chicken stir fry dish over rice and set them on the table, one on either side. "So no good place to get a shower like we had this morning? If it hadn't been my own mother I'd have been turned on like crazy.