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Let’s examine 11 of the more common turkey calls and what they mean.

() In a decision effective immediately, the Boy Scouts of America has lifted the group's ban on gay leaders and employees.

The move comes three years after the group removed its ban on gay youth.

We make condoms too expensive and too unattainable and then send the message that young people deserve to be punished for having sex when they contract a disease.

Even more frightening is the correlation between sexual repression and violence against women.

STD’s in the 45 and older crowd are up 20% and whether it’s the rise of Viagra, divorce or online dating more and more adults are having multiple partners and the older they get the less likely they are to use protection.

The spread of STD’s is not the only consequence of our conservative attitude toward sexual awareness.

The decision comes after the organization lifted a blanket ban in 2015 on employing openly gay troop leaders, a move that garnered criticism as well as praise.