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Shaun white dating

White missed out on the Olympics last year, so he is currently on his fourth try to make it onto the U. Olympic team.“After losing the last Olympics, I found a lot of clarity in myself and how involved my world is and how big it is compared to these little things I was focusing on, just winning,” White says near the beginning of the doc.

Unfortunately we couldn’t hear Barthel’s vocals all that well, but that wasn’t exactly her fault. Hailing from Florida, these four dudes brought a much-needed, high-energy set during the heaviest rainfall of the day.

The band kept mentioning the rain and how much they appreciated everyone sticking around to see them.

Another obvious high point of the weekend was the gigantic, 16-story big air jump in the middle of the Rose Bowl fairgrounds.

Their big hit “Swim” was the perfect fit for the rain-soaked crowd, who could have swam around in the pit if they wanted. Ebert broke up with then-girlfriend/vocalist Jade Castrinos, kicked her out of the band and is now resorting to using audiences to sing Castrinos’ parts.

Olympic gold medalist, X Games superstar and part-time actor/musician Shaun White brought the first-ever Air Style contest to the States last weekend, taking over the Rose Bowl grounds for two days of extreme sports, music and art.

Yes, in case you haven’t noticed, “The Flying Tomato” has become quite the renaissance man these days.

He’s riding more, not less, and the new fitness regimen and team has him feeling his best physically and mentally in years. “I started doing some more fitness and training and things — and a new physical therapist to get my body back in shape and it’s really paying off,” White said.