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Singel Magdeburg

- : Chambered Music performed by London Sinfonietta at Centre Saint Martins, Kings Cross, London, UK.

- : Study for String Instrument #1 performed by the Impact Quartet at Theatre du Garde Chasse in Les Lilas, France.- : Study for String Instrument #1 performed by the Spektral Quartet at Constellation in Chicago, US. - : Run Time Error @ The Black Diamand v.2 screened in Tokyo, Japan (VTBA). for guitar) and Beloved Brother performed by Nacho Laguna at Auditorio del Puyo in Zaragoza, Spain.

- : Inszenierte Nacht performed by Ensemble Ascolta at Neu Bad in Luzern, Switzerland.

- 17- : Lecturer at the Ticino Musica Summer course in Lugano, Switzerland.

during the Warsaw Autumn Festival at the Chopin University in Warsaw, Poland.