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"Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now)" is a song by French music producer and DJ Bob Sinclar, co-produced by regular partner Cutee B and featuring Dollarman, Big Ali, and Makedah on vocals.

It seems the British tended to treat their zone initially as if it were an African colony.

It led to a number of new hit singles already this Fall, such as “This Love Kills Me”, “White Walls” and “Waiting for Winter”, tracks that include vocals from Sub Teal and Jan Burton.

The fourth single of the upcoming sophomore album is titled “You” (again with the vocal support of Jan Burton), a track that holds hints of pop, rock and progressive house, as synths and guitars blend in nicely with Jan Burton’s dark and deep voice.

There were large numbers of prisoner of war deaths, they refused to accept refugees from the east, saying as protestants they would unsettle the religious balance of their Rhineland zone - and cleverly recruiting German Catholic support.