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The ensemble began from a single site, Rijswijk, in July and a second site at Zoetermeer was added this month.

The broadcaster has published a brief evaluation of the trial on its website.

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eye TV 3.6.9 HEVC (Version 7512) now requires Intel Core i5 running at at least 2.5 Ghz and a minimum of 4GB available RAM, compared with 3.5 GHz and 8Gb RAM in the previous build (7511).

Both sticks are now available on both the UK and German versions of Amazon and both sticks would already receive the UK version of DVB-T2 under the previous release. In Germany, H.265 (HEVC) will be used, for which the stick has been, in the words of the manufacturer, "prepared".

Among other things, the consultation asks whether some minimux capacity should be reserved for community broadcasters as a means of securing their carriage.