Start Single tree hammock stand

Single tree hammock stand

Stands create a portable solution without the need of tying a hammock between two trees.

Start the Tripod lashing by tying one end of the ropearoung one of the outboard large diameter. Weave the rope in an over-and-under fashion around the three logs. Be sure to pull the rope tight after each pass.- Complete at least 3 passes of Wrapping.

After completing at least three passes of Wraps, it is time to add Fraps.

Wedge the the, now triangular ends of the Cross Brace into the Dovetail cuts on the legs of the "A" Frame.

The photos show the progression of the netting process. The knot used at the intersection of the each row and column is a Sheet Bend (shown below).

Each row is secured at the "A" Frame legs and each column is secured at the Cross Brace using a Clove Hitch at these locations.

Start at one end of the Cross Brace and tie clove hitches along the length of the cross brace.

The camp had removed some trees for an activities field and the logs were salvaged from the firewood pile.