Start Stop ipod from automatically updating

Stop ipod from automatically updating

Read this article to learn more about how to backup your i Phone to i Cloud.

When viewing a web page, press the button on the bottom of the screen to bring up the following options: Add Bookmark, Add to Home Screen, and Mail Link to this Page.

When you select the 2nd button, it will remember your exact position on the page and automatically generate a thumbnail icon that appears on your home screen.

3.) Don’t discriminate web extensions When typing a web address in Safari, the keyboard features a button so you don’t have to type it out character-by-character.

But what if the site you want to go to doesn’t end with .com?

Now the script mimics very closely the native i Phone scrolling.

Other small enhancements have been done, so be sure to download the latest version of the script at the bottom of this post.

By holding the button down, it will expand to show .net, .edu, and buttons.