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Last is the DT timestamp field, which is updated on every page load and enables us to track who is online (users without a page load in the last 10 minutes have probably left the site).

The other alternative would be to store only the IPs of the visitors and queue the geolocation data once the panel is shown.

This would mean to resolve a huge number of IPs simultaneously, which would make the script unresponsive and get us black-listed from the API. You can queue the Hostip's API by opening a connection to a URL similar to this: It returns a valid XML response, which contains all sorts of data, including a country and city name associated with the IP, country abbreviation and even absolute coordinates.

This is done, so we have a bit of delay between the hovering of the mouse and the actual opening of the slide-out panel.

This way, unintentional movements of the mouse cursor over the widget won't fire the open event, and once opened, will not close it immediately once the mouse leaves it. At this point you probably want to grab the widget and put it on your site.

This file basically queues the database with a GROUP BY query, which groups the individual users by country and orders the resulting rows in a descending order, with the most popular countries at the top.

For the flag icons, we are using the famfamfam flag icon set, which is released as public domain.

This is to ensure that they have consistent styling which is easy to change later on.

Some rules are unique to the panel, however, so we include a individually targeted set of rules in the second part of the code.

We are fetching this data with the PHP file_get_contents() function and extracting the bits of information we need.

require "connect.php"; require "functions.php"; // We don't want web bots accessing this page: if(is_bot()) die(); // Selecting the top 15 countries with the most visitors: $result = mysql_query(" SELECT country Code,country, COUNT(*) AS total FROM tz_who_is_online GROUP BY country Code ORDER BY total DESC LIMIT 15"); while($row=mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) is fetched by j Query to populate the slide-out panel with location data.

If you have any immediate questions, please email us at [email protected]