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Sun Spec Alliance heads the Orange Button project team that is tasked with establishing an open, easy-to-adopt, solar data architecture, and standards.

Growing demands for privacy and increases in the quantity and variety of consumer data have engendered various business offerings to allow companies, and in some instances consumers, to capitalize on these developments.

Should landlords be permitted to require renters to consent to providing access to their social media accounts or data from household IOT devices to enable PDE companies to provide landlords with insights about renters?

What legal frameworks should be used to structure and govern agreements between PDE companies and consumers? 1125, 1137 (2000) (describing a licensing framework for the privacy market prior to the rise of the PDE); Abraham & Oneto, supra note 28, at 4 (hypothesizing a world of personal data markets).

XBRL US is a nonprofit standards developer that built XBRL data standards for public companies, mutual funds under contract with the U. Public companies in the solar industry, such as electric utilities, investors, and solar developers, already format their financials in XBRL which will ease the path to Orange Button adoption.